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Hilary Weingarden, 2016

Hilary Weingarden

Hilary Weingarden is pursuing her PhD in clinical psychology, working with Dr. Keith Renshaw. She expects to complete her PhD in Spring 2016. Hilary completed her B.S. in clinical psychology and Spanish at Tufts University, in the Boston area. Currently, she is working on her dissertation research, which is funded by an NIMH National Service Research Award. Her project investigates the role of shame as a predictor of severe outcomes (i.e., depressive severity, suicide risk, functional impairment) among individuals with body dysmorphic disorder, compared to obsessive compulsive disorder and healthy controls. Broadly, Hilary is interested in the role of emotions (e.g., shame, guilt, disgust) in the development and exacerbation of anxiety and obsessive compulsive related disorders (OCRDs). Her long term career interests involve studying how to best target these emotions within evidence-based treatments for anxiety disorders and OCRDs. Related to this interest, Hilary and Dr. Renshaw recently published a comprehensive literature review of the role of shame across the OCRDs (Weingarden & Renshaw, 2014).

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