Vera Hawa

Vera Hawa

Vera Hawa

Graduate Research Assistant

Applied Developmental Psychology

Vera is a third-year doctoral student specializing in Applied Developmental Psychology. Having earned her BA in Psychology and a Master’s degree in School Psychology from the University of Cyprus, she embarked on a journey of professional growth and development upon completing her school psychology internship.

After relocating to the USA, she has since been dedicated to continuous training. She is a Licensed School Psychologist and a member of the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP).

In her current role, she collaborates with Dr. Curby's DISC LAB to explore preschool classrooms and teacher -student interactions. Specifically, her research focuses on  emotion-focused teaching, teachers' well-being and emotional competence, and classroom environment.  The main goal is to understand their profound impact on teaching effectiveness and children's overall development.

Beyond academia, Vera is driven by her passion to empower teachers and parents in unlocking a child's full potential through their everyday interactions and practices. Her commitment to bridging research and application underscores her mission to enhance the educational and socioemotional well-being of children.


Current Research


Courses Taught

Child Development PSYC313

Developmental Psychology PSYC211

Behavior Modification PSYC322


BA in Psychology 

MA in School Psychology