Fallon Rachael Goodman

Fallon Rachael Goodman

Fallon Rachael Goodman

Graduate Research Assistant

Clinical Psychology: social anxiety; emotion regulation; well-being

Fallon Goodman is a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at George Mason University and currently completing her clinical psychology internship at Harvard Medical School / McLean Hospital. She received Bachelor of Science degrees in Psychology and Family Science from the University of Maryland, where she graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors. At Mason, she conducts research under the mentorship of Dr. Todd Kashdan and Dr. Patrick McKnight on social anxiety, emotion regulation, and well-being. She is passionate about conducting research that can be easily translated to the public to used to improve people’s lives. 

Selected Publications

Goodman, F. R., Kashdan, T. B., Stiksma, M. C., & Blalock, D. V. (in press). Personal strivings to understand anxiety disorders: Social anxiety as an exemplar. Clinical Psychological Science.

Goodman, F. R., Kashdan, T. B., Larrazabal, M., & West, J. (in press). Experiential avoidance across anxiety disorders. In B. O. Olatunji (Ed). Cambridge Handbook of Anxiety and Related Disorders. 

Goodman, F. R., Disabato, D. J., & Kashdan, T. B. (in press). Integrating psychological strengths under the umbrella of personality science: Rethinking the definition, measurement, and modification of strengths. Journal of Positive Psychology.

Goodman, F. R., Stiksma, M. C., & Kashdan, T. B. (2018). Social anxiety and the quality of everyday social interactions: The moderating influence of alcohol consumption. Behavior Therapy, 49, 373-387.

Goodman, F. R., Doorley, J., & Kashdan, T. B. (2018). Well-being and psychopathology: A deep exploration into positive emotions, meaning and in purpose in life, and social relationships. In E. Diener, S. Oishi, and L. Tay (Eds.). Handbook of Well-Being.Salt Lake City, UT: DEF Publishers. DOI:nobascholar.com.

Goodman, F. R., Disabato, D. J., Kashdan, T. B., & Kaufman, S. B. (2018). Measuring well-being: A comparison of subjective well-being and PERMA. Journal of Positive Psychology, 13, 321-332.

Disabato, D. J., Goodman, F. R., Kashdan, T. B., Short, J. L., & Jarden, A. (2016). Different types of well-being? A cross-cultural examination of hedonic and eudaimonic well-being. Psychological Assessment, 28, 471-482.

Goodman, F. R., Disabato, D. J., Kashdan, T. B., & Machell, K. A. (2017). Personality strengths as resilience: A one-year multiwave study. Journal of Personality, 85, 423-434.

Grants and Fellowships

F31 Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA)

Motivational underpinnings of alcohol use for people with social anxiety disorder: A daily diary study (F31-AA024372)

Role: Principal Investigator

Sponsor: Todd B. Kashdan, Ph.D.; Co-Sponsor: Howard Tennen, Ph.D.



B.S. Psychology, University of Maryland, College Park, 2012.

B.S. Family Science, University of Maryland, College Park, 2012.

M.A. Psychology, George Mason University, 2014.