Lindsey Malcein

Lindsey Malcein

Lindsey Malcein

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Human Factors/Applied Cognition: User Experience/Usability Research and Design, Intelligent Virtual Agents, Human Factors in Healthcare

Lindsey is a second year masters student in the Human Factors and Applied Cognition program. She is currently involved in the Health Behaviors lab under Dr. Yi-Ching Lee.

Her current research interests are in user experience/usability research and design, intelligent virtual agents, and human factors in healthcare.

She completed her bachelor's degree at Minnesota State University, Mankato (2018) where she majored in Psychology and minored in Marketing.

Selected Publications

Lee, Y.-C., & Malcein, L. A. (2020). Users’ mental models for computer-mediated communication: Theorizing emerging technology and behavior in eHealth applications. Human Behavior and Emerging Technologies, 2(4), 354-366.


B.S., Psychology, Minnesota State University-Mankato 2018