The Global Group

The Global Group is a student-led research group at Mason focusing on global organizational research. The Global Group seeks to expand Mason’s international research projects. If you are interested in learning more about the Global Group or collaborating on research projects, please contact Luke Brooks-Shesler.

Current Research Projects

The Global Group started its first international research collaboration with Petra Riefler, a doctoral student in international marketing at The University of Vienna in Austria, who is developing a scale on cosmopolitanism. We hope that this project will lead to future projects with The University of Vienna.

Douglas Haynes, Stacy Everett and Shannon Viverette are working on a study that measures psychological reactance, a type of resistance to social influence, across Hofstede's cultural values. Reactance has yet to be studied cross-culturally. Some cultural values, like individualism and power distance have seemingly obvious relationships to precursors to psychological reactance. The researchers hope to extend the boundaries of reactance research towards a more global focus.

James Kurtessis and Tine Köhler are examining the need for uniqueness in different cultures. Need for Uniqueness has been defined as a "person's disposition to embrace new things, defy convention and pursue rare and unusual objects and experiences" (Ames & Iyengar, 2005). The relationships of need for uniqueness to the desire for unique products and to the intention to spend time abroad are also included in the model. The authors hope to extend research on need for uniqueness and its implications in a global context.

Lisa Gulick and Jeff Herman are researching "global identity," which is thought to emerge as individuals cross national borders with increased frequency for leisure and business activities. This concept describes one's level of cultural awareness and the extent to which one feels part of the world at large. While the idea that people possess a global identity has attracted some attention in the literature, little research has investigated the predictors of global identity. Lisa and Jeff are conducting a survey examining this issue to increase our understanding of this construct.