Industrial/ Organizational Psychology, PhD


  • John A. Aitken

    John A. Aitken

    Within-person research, emotion, situational influences, telework, and performance


  • Julia Baines

    Julia Baines

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology

  • Martin J Biskup

    Martin J Biskup

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: narrative identity, motivation, and psychological well-being


  • Lauren N. P. Campbell

    Lauren N. P. Campbell

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: multiteam systems (MTSs), team dynamics, leadership, leadership development

  • Tiancheng Chen

    Tiancheng Chen

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Organizational climate, teams, leadership, and training.

  • Lydia Craig

    Lydia Craig

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Employee well-being, career decision-making, friendship, leisure


  • Samantha Dubrow

    Samantha Dubrow

    teams, multiteam systems, team science, social network analysis, healthcare, emergency response


  • Shea Fyffe

    Shea Fyffe

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Game-Based Assessment, Gamification, Applied Psychometrics, Item Response Theory, Non-cognitive Assessment, Machine Learning, and Statistical Programming (predominantly in R)


  • Joanna Harris

    Joanna Harris

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Team dynamics, multiteam systems, leadership development


  • Zihao Jia

    Zihao Jia

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology


  • JeongJin Kim

    JeongJin Kim

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Employee well-being, organizational citizenship behavior, counterproductive work behavior, job attitude & affect, person-situation interaction, occupational calling, and workplace relationship

  • MaryJo A Kolze

    MaryJo A Kolze

    Leadership development, Leader identity, Systems thinking, Cross-Cultural psychology, Well-being


  • Kevin Loo

    Kevin Loo

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology


  • Michael Shulman

    Michael Shulman

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Teams, Multi Team Systems, Leadership

  • Melissa Stiksma

    Melissa Stiksma

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Worker well-being, mental and physical health, research design and measurement


  • Elisa M Torres

    Elisa M Torres

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Industrial and Organizational Psychology: leadership, team dynamics, and multiteam systems (MTSs)


  • Carol Mindy Wong

    Carol Mindy Wong

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology: job crafting, older workers, cross-cultural issues, well-being


  • Sarah Zarsky
  • Steven Zhou

    Steven Zhou

    Leadership development, team leadership, motivation, education

  • Ze Zhu

    Ze Zhu

    Well-being, leisure, recovery, counterproductive work behaviors