Applied Developmental Psychology, PhD

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  • Xiaozhu An

    Xiaozhu An

    Applied Developmental Psychology: teacher-student interactions, classroom quality, inclusive education, and behavior modifications.


  • Jordan Greenburg

    Jordan Greenburg

    grade retention; delayed school entry; academic outcomes for low-income and minority populations


  • Elpiniki Marchesini

    Elpiniki Marchesini

    Applied Developmental Psychology: assessments in educational decision-making; whole-school improvement via multi-tiered service delivery models; collaboration between special and general educators; benefits of social-emotional teaching on a variety of student outcomes

  • Alex Moffett

    Alex Moffett

    Applied Developmental Psychology

  • Kaitlyn A Mumma

    Kaitlyn A Mumma

    Applied Developmental Psychology: Applied Developmental Psychology



  • Courtney Ricciardi

    Courtney Ricciardi

    advanced course selection, access to gifted programs, tracking, educational outcomes for low-income and minority populations

  • Alexa N Roth

    Alexa N Roth

    social-emotional development, the achievement gap, early childhood education


  • Maximillian L Shear

    Maximillian L Shear

    Applied Developmental Psychology

  • Amber G Shriver

    Amber G Shriver

    Applied Developmental Psychology: Relationship between Executive Functioning and Weight Management in Early Childhood; Educational Trajectories of Children with Emotional Disability (ED)

  • Lucia Stillerova
  • Laura Stokes

    Laura Stokes

    Teacher professional development, psychology, developmental psychology, classroom quality


  • Tanya Tavassolie

    Tanya Tavassolie

    Applied Developmental Psychology: School Readiness, High-Stakes Testing in Elementary School, Academic Success of Migrant Children

  • Brittany Thompson

    Brittany Thompson

    Mechanisms impacting social and emotional development; pretend play; measurement

  • Jillian Reba Troxler

    Jillian Reba Troxler

    Applied Developmental Psychology: social-emotional development, school readiness, at risk populations