Resources for Instructors and Researchers

If you are looking for content related to DEI…

Social Justice Bibliography - CDS 

(Cognitive Development Society)

WHAT: This is an annotated bibliography offering literature that contributes to our understanding of how racial prejudices develop and interventions that reduce them. 

FOR WHOM: Instructors, researchers


Anti-Black Racism, Racial Disparities & Allyship Syllabus

(Affective Neuroscience and Development Lab at Harvard University)

WHAT: This syllabus was created in June 2020 to increase education, awareness, and action around anti-Black racism and racial disparities. These are foundational readings and no updates to it are planned.

FOR WHOM: Anyone


I am Psyched! (APA)

WHAT: A multimedia initiative that explores the history and contemporary contributions of women of color in psychology as they engage in psychological science, practice and social justice, including timelines, vignettes, etc.

FOR WHOM: Instructors.


Anti-racism resources (GMU College of Ed and Human Development, Antiracist Research Methods Collaborative)

WHAT: This bibliography includes a list of journal articles, books and book chapters, videos, and online resources focusing on anti-racism, critical race theories, and decolonization.

FOR WHOM: Instructors or researchers


Terminology/Bias-free language

APA Bias-free language:  APA style website

Mason CCEE Terminology resources:

WHAT: Resources on language to use in discussing or writing about diverse populations

FOR WHOM: Instructors and researchers


If you want to increase representation of diverse authors in research or syllabi… 

BIPOC authors

(Erica Wojcik, Skidmore College). 

WHAT: This is a crowd sourced spreadsheet of published peer reviewed papers on a variety of topics, across all areas of psychology, where at least one of the authors is Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color. 

FOR WHOM: Instructors, Researchers


Unsung Psychology Pioneers: A Content Analysis of Who Makes History (and Who Doesn’t)

(Leslie D. Cramblet Alvarez, Jonah L. Leach, Jerome L. Rodriguez, K. Nicole Jones; Unsung Psychology Pioneers: A Content Analysis of Who Makes History (and Who Doesn’t). The American Journal of Psychology 1 January 2020; 133 (2): 241–262. doi:

WHAT: This is a content analysis highlighting psychologists (women, psychologists of color) who are missing in history of psychology courses.

FOR WHOM: Instructors


If you are looking for content related to DEI and teaching…


Stearns Center resources re: Inclusive Classrooms

WHAT: Resources re: inclusive classrooms, including advice specific to Mason and a curated list of resources.


Universal Design - making your courses accessible

Accessible Documents Powerpoint and resource
WHAT: These are materials from Alison Melley’s presentation on universal design given to the Psychology Department in 2021. 
FOR WHOM: Instructors


Anti-racist pedagogy reading list

(Andrea Aebersold, Ph.D - University of California, Irvine)



WHAT: Readings on antiracist pedagogy in higher ed.

FOR WHOM: Instructors  


Revolutionizing my Syllabus: The Process (Chanelle Wilson, Bryn Mawr)

WHAT: This is a blog entry/ resource list/ starting point for the process of decolonizing your syllabus, including what it means, how you do it, and why it matters.

FOR WHOM: Instructors 


Article re DEI and syllabi

Fuentes, M. A., Zelaya, D. G., & Madsen, J. W.  (2021).  Rethinking the course syllabus: Considerations for promoting equity, diversity and inclusion.  Teaching of Psychology.

FOR WHOM: Instructors


Trauma-informed teaching resources

(Janice Carello, PhD, LMSW)

WHAT: Resources (tools, videos, links, pubs) regarding trauma-informed teaching (“to be trauma-informed in any context means to understand the role that violence and victimization have played in the lives of many individuals and to use that understanding to improve policies and practices in order to accommodate the needs of trauma survivors.”)

FOR WHOM: Instructors


Writings on anti-racism and pedagogy

(Stephen Brookfield)

WHAT: Pedagogical expert’s  writings on teaching and creating an anti-racist identity as a white person


Handout from Inclusive Classrooms faculty workshop
(Allison Melley & Lauren Cattaneo)
PDF Link to Handout

WHAT: Tips and resources for inclusive classrooms, from presentation to Psyc faculty in Fall 2020

FOR WHOM: instructors


Handling Controversial Topics (University of Michigan Center for Research on Learning and Teaching)

WHAT: Resources for teachers engaging controversial topics in the classroom; how to facilitate student discussions around these topics:

FOR WHOM: Instructors


If you are designing research…


Faculty presentation

WHAT: Handout from Allison Jack’s presentation to faculty on terminology and best practices for measuring sex and gender. 

Faculty presentation

WHAT: Handout from DEI committee’s 2021 presentation to faculty on terminology and best practices for measuring SES.