Educational Resources

Growing Inclusiveness

Fostering Diversity and creating a welcoming environment to all students, faculty, and staff requires every member of the psychology department and the George Mason community at large. Below are some educational  resources which facilitate this goal. 

Faculty and Staff Training (Online)

We encourage faculty and staff to take part in diversity training, including the advanced online training which can be found on the Compliance, Diversity, and Ethics Website

If there has been a report made against you as a faculty or staff member, these links may be helpful in becoming more inclusive and understanding of the diverse backgrounds in the psychology department. 

Safe Zone Training

Safe Zone training topics including learning and understanding LGBTQ+ identities, combating stereotypes, and learning skills to combat  as an ally. Click here to learn more

Beyond Diversity Training

The Beyond Diversity Training modules incorporate topics such as micro-aggressions, gender identity, intersectionality, and implicit bias with the aim to help participants understand systemic barriers that infringe on day-to-day interactions. Click here to learn more

Creating Community Training

Creating Community is an experimental training model that works particularly well with the identity development of first year college students and international students, focusing on how we are accommodated or may have been asked to assimilate to dominate culture based on things like our names, languages spoken, and elderships. Click here to sign up for a training.