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Students pursuing a B.A. or a B.S. in psychology may choose to concentrate in Work and Organizational Psychology. This concentration may be of interest to students who are planning to attend graduate school in industrial and organizational (I/O) psychology or a related field such as organizational behavior or human resources management. Students who are considering a career in business may find this concentration advantageous for careers in training and development, human resources, and management.  Students who successfully complete the Psychology Department Honors Program (PSYC 490, 491, and 492) with an honors thesis/project focused on I/O psychology may, with approval of their thesis committees and the associate chair for undergraduate studies, substitute their honors work for one course in the concentration.

Students must earn a Minimum GPA of 2.00 in all coursework applied to the concentration.

One required applied psychology course (3 credits)

PSYC 333 - Industrial and Organizational Psychology Credits: 3

Three courses (9-10 credits) chosen from:

PSYC 320 - Psychological Tests and Measurements Credits: 4
PSYC 335 - Psychology of Creativity and Innovation Credits: 3
PSYC 435 - Personnel Training and Development: A Psychological Perspective Credits: 3
PSYC 461 - Special Topics Credits: 1-3 (when topic is Occupational Health Psychology or Work and Family with prior written approval)
PSYC 467 - The Psychology of Working in Groups and Teams Credits: 3

Total: 12-13 credits

Requirements may be different for earlier catalog years. See the University Catalog archives.

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