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Clinical Psychology


  • Lauren B Cattaneo

    Lauren B Cattaneo

    Associate Professor

    Clinical Psychology: Intimate partner violence, client-centered services, empowerment

  • Tara  Chaplin

    Tara Chaplin

    Assistant Professor

    Clinical Psychology: Emotion regulation and the development of psychopathology and substance use in adolescence; Parent-focused interventions; Bio-psycho-social models of emotion


  • Christianne Lee Esposito-Smythers

    Christianne Lee Esposito-Smythers

    Associate Professor

    Clinical Psychology: adolescent suicide, adolescent depression, adolescent substance abuse, development of cognitive behavioral prevention and intervention programs for adolescent mental health problems



  • Todd B. Kashdan

    Todd B. Kashdan


    Clinical Psychology: Anxiety, positive emotions, purpose in life, how personal strengths operate in everyday life, social relationships, and how to foster and sustain happiness and meaning in life.


  • Robyn Mehlenbeck

    Robyn Mehlenbeck

    Director- GMU Center for Psychological Services

    Clinical Psychology


  • Keith D Renshaw

    Keith D Renshaw

    Associate Professor

    Clinical Psychology: Anxiety, stress/trauma reactions, and interpersonal relationships, with a particular focus on romantic relationships in which one partner has experienced a traumatic event.

  • John H Riskind

    John H Riskind


    Clinical Psychology: Cognitive-behavioral research, treatment, and theory of anxiety, mood, and related disorders.


  • Jerome Short

    Jerome Short

    Associate Professor

    Clinical Psychology: developing and evaluating mental health promotion programs for children, college students, and the elderly; social support; substance abuse prevention; and mental health policy

  • Jeffrey B Stuewig

    Jeffrey B Stuewig

    Associate Professor

    Clinical Psychology: Developmental psychopathology, the moral emotions of shame and guilt, family violence, evaluation, and more generally centering around the topic of risk and antisocial behavior.


  • June P Tangney

    June P Tangney

    University Professor

    Clinical Psychology: Working at the interface of clinical psychology, social psychology, and criminology. Studying moral emotions and cognitions associated with crime, substance abuse, HIV risk behavior, and rehabilitation. Developing novel interventions for 'general population' jail inmates drawing on restorative justice, mindfulness, and motivational interviewing.