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Kari J Visconti

Kari J Visconti

Kari J Visconti

Assistant Professor

Applied Developmental Psychology: Peer relationships and social cognition in childhood

Dr. Visconti’s work focuses on the behavioral and social-cognitive factors associated with children’s maladaptive peer relationships, including peer victimization and aggressive behavior. Specifically, her research examines the development and efficacy of children’s efforts to cope with peer victimization, causal attributions surrounding experiences of victimization, and processes of moral reasoning in relation to aggression.

Selected Publications

Visconti, K. J., Kochenderfer-Ladd, B., & Clifford, C. (in press). Children's attributions for peer victimization: A social comparison approach. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology.
Visconti, K. J., Sechler, C. M., & Kochenderfer-Ladd, B. (2013). Coping with peer victimization: The role of children's attributions. School Psychology Quarterly, 28, 122-140.
Visconti, K. J., Ladd, G. W., & Kochenderfer-Ladd, B. (2013). The role of moral disengagement in the longitudinal associations between children's social goals and aggression. Presentation for the Society for Research on Child Development's Biennial Meeting. Seattle, Washington.
Visconti, K. J., & Troop-Gordon, W. (2010). Walking away, fighting back, and getting help: Prospective relations between behavioral responses to peer victimization and socioemotional adjustment. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 31, 261-272.