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Neuroscience Fall 2016


300-Level Courses in NEUR

NEUR 327: Cellular, Neurophysiological, and Pharmacological Neuroscience (3 Credits)

Basic concepts of cellular and molecular level neuroscience, including neuronal functions, cellular anatomy and membrane functions, electrical properties of neurons, and cellular basis of plasticity. Read More »

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NEUR 335: Molecular, Developmental, and Systems Neuroscience (3 Credits)

In-depth survey of genetic and embryological development of the brain and introduction to systems neuroscience, including sections on patterning gene expression, generation and migration of neurons, axonal and dendritic outgrowth, and basic neuroanatomy. Read More »

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400-Level Courses in NEUR

NEUR 405: RS: Laboratory Methods in Behavioral Neuroscience (3 Credits)

Introduction to experimental methods used in behavioral neuroscience research. Laboratory work includes surgical, histological and behavioral techniques. Proper use and handling of animals, ethical issues, evaluation of neuroscience literature, experimental design and data analysis are addressed. This requires working with laboratory rodents. Designated as a research and scholarship intensive course. Read More »

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NEUR 410: Current Topics in Neuroscience (3 Credits)

Overview of current topics in neuroscience, focusing on research at Mason. Fulfills writing intensive requirement in the major. Read More »

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NEUR 411: Seminar in Neuroscience ( Credits)

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NEUR 461: Special Topics in Neuroscience (1 Credits)

Selected topics reflecting in specialized areas of neuroscience. Read More »

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600-Level Courses in NEUR

NEUR 601: Developmental Neuroscience (3 Credits)

Introduction to neurobiology with overview of embryological development of the nervous system in evolutionary context. Regional and systems neuroanatomy introduced by study of the mammalian visual system with a comparative perspective. Read More »

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NEUR 602: Cellular Neuroscience (3 Credits)

Detailed overview of the functioning and interactions of the cellular elements of the central nervous system. Topics include structure and function relationships, the chemical, physical, and electrical basis of neural signaling, local versus long-distance signaling, generation of action potentials, and essentials of synaptic communication. Read More »

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NEUR 651: Molecular Neuropharmacology (3 Credits)

Presents key concepts in cellular and molecular neuropharmacology Provides an in-depth survey of receptor driven cell function, which includes recent topics in cell structure, membrane function, electrical properties of neurons and intracellular signaling. Enables an introduction to research tools and rends in study of neuronal systems via a reading and an analysis of the primary literature. Read More »

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  • Section 001 — Nadine Kabbani — Krasnow Institute 229

700-Level Courses in NEUR

NEUR 703: Laboratory Rotation and Readings (3 Credits)

Intensive introduction to a research laboratory in neuroscience. The student will read background material pertinent to the problem under study, learn and practice research methods of the laboratory, and formulate a short final project, which may be a proposal or an actual project, demonstrating some mastery of the techniques and approaches employed. Read More »

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900-Level Courses in NEUR

NEUR 998: Dissertation Proposal (1 Credits)

Covers development of a research proposal under guidance of dissertation director and doctoral committee. Proposal forms the basis for the doctoral dissertation. Read More »

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NEUR 999: Doctoral Dissertation (1 Credits)

Doctoral research performed under the direction of the dissertation director. Read More »

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