College of Humanities and Social Sciences

School Psychology

School Psychology Director Dr. Nicole Beadles with Dr. Michelle Denny of FCPS.


The School Psychology program is committed to preparing students to practice psychology in educational and clinical settings that serve children, adolescents, and their families. The program employs an instructional model that combines a sound understanding of psychological theory and research with outstanding practicum and internship experiences. The curriculum imparts foundational knowledge in psychology, education, intervention and problem solving, statistics and research methodology, and professional school psychology, along with supervised experiences in educational and clinical settings. Students are able to earn a master's or graduate certificate in school psychology, while undergraduates are able to explore this field as a component of their undergraduate experience. 


Every day, Mason faculty and students help solve pressing problems, illuminate important issues, and shape conversations. We work to answer questions of relevance through research, scholarship, and creative endeavors—any enterprise offering the chance to break new ground and have a meaningful impact.


The School Psychology program is engaged with research in a number of ways. Faculty in school psychology partner with the community to conduct research on timely and interesting topics. These include mindfulness in the schools, delayed gratification and academic achievement, and emotional regulation. In addition, our curriculum focuses on the use of evidence based interventions and data based decision making in the schools. This requires that school psychology students be knowledgeable of research methods and statistical techniques and consequently, intelligent consumers of research in the field. Furthermore, graduate students are required to conduct an evidence-based intervention in the schools during internship, which entails data collection and review to monitor effectiveness.


At all levels, our students are able to engage with the research process. Find out more about what our students and faculty are achieving.


At Mason, we put our students and their success first. We focus on providing experiential and integrative learning in our program through coursework, practica, and internships. We work to give every student the opportunity for a meaningful experience. The School Psychology Master's and Certificate program is approved by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). Graduate students are eligible to receive the distinguished “National Certification in School Psychology (NCSP)” upon completion of our program.  Learn more about whom we are working with and stay up to date on the latest achievements.


At Mason, we prepare our students for success in life and in their careers. School psychology graduate students leave Mason knowing that they have chosen an emotionally rewarding and stable career. Those who complete the master's degree and certification will be eligible for certification/licensure in Virginia and certification or licensure in other states as a school psychologist. Our local area partners, such as school districts and organizations, consistently rely on our program to produce top-notch school psychology practitioners who can address the needs of children, families and schools, as well as the communities they serve. 

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